Blankenburg Kennel

Ken Gene and Patch with a ribbonTestimonial

June 1996, the airport is quiet and my nerves are distraught.  My first Bird Dog has just arrived from Kansas and I can’t control myself waiting for her to come thru the door and into my arms. Finally, Sasha is brought out and I am immediately in love.
This was the first of my 6 Bird Dogs, and the one who started me on path I never dreamed.  Pointing Breed Bird Dogs are wonders to watch mature.  
Over the past 14 years I have trained, hunted, competed and cried with excitement at the accomplishments my dogs have achieved.  All of the experiences have been made possible because of my affiliation with numerous “old timers” and one professional bird dog trainertrainer – Gene.
During the past 10 years the training and insight that I have gained from Gene has amazed me.  He is always looking at ways to improve his training skills by constantly evaluating and, as needed, modifying his training methods. His focus on each dog is almost “anal”.  His desire to bring out the best in every dog he touches is never ending.  
As a result of my association with Gene and his wife, Ute my dogs have accomplished titles and awards that fill three walls in my home office room – Master Hunter 2000, Amateur Field Champion 2009,  4th Place in Vizsla Amateur National Championship 2008, Judges Award of Merit in Professional Class of Vizsla National Championship 2008, and many more 1st and 2nd Place ribbons in California, Arizona and New Mexico, in varied All Pointing Breed venues.
But, most of all, my greatest enjoyment is watching my dogs work the countryside, with intelligence and style, in their pursuit to find, point, and retrieve upland game birds – Bobwhites, Sage Grouse, Pheasant, Gambel Quail, Chukar, Mearn’s Quail, Cotton Tops.  The confidence and excitement that exudes from them can only be attributed to the Training they and me have received from Blankenburg Kennel.
Thanks Gene and Ute.

Ken Hart  
Owner – Vizsla’s and German Shorthaired Pointer