Blankenburg Kennel

Gilly on pointTestimonial

So you want to hunt with a dog and you think it’s easy. We have all done it purchased every dog training book, DVD and purchased the books that are directly related to the breed you want or have purchased.

You finally find your dog mine was/is a German shorthaired pointer. I was ready got my six months of reading and was going to train my dog. Thankfully my wife pressed me on finding a professional trainer that knew what they were doing.

This is where Blankenburg Kennels and the owners Gene and Ute come in. lucky for me Gene was available to meet with me and my dog. Within minutes he had my dog interested in birds let me know I had a hunting dog and now it was up to me to let him know what I wanted.

That’s something that one doesn’t get any more. What you want. So why am I writing this? I want everyone to know that Gene and Ute can take all the pressures from you “training” your dog and let you just enjoy the gentlemen’s sport of hunting. If you are looking for an honest, sincere, truthful and two people that care more than I can describe about the dog’s breed and their god given abilities. Then Blankenburg Kennels is for you!

I am still going there almost every weekend and my dog just loves being there and doing what she has been bred to do and that’s hunt. I will also let you know that as much training that Gene and Ute will do with your dog you have to be open to being trained yourself. I have found that I needed to be trained more than my dog she knew what to do. I was confusing her.

I have met many interesting people from all over some traveling many hours to train with their dogs. I can see that everyone that is a client at Blankenburg Kennels is part of a family and everyone is always ready to help each other train with each other’s dogs. Hunting with two and three dogs at the same time. So in the “real” world the dogs will perform without fail.

Another bonus is when you go on vacation Gene and Ute are also available to board your dog. The dog boarding areas are impeccable. When you are enjoying your family your dog is also enjoying the great sport of hunting/training. That’s a complete bonus!

My dog isn’t even a year old yet and every weekend I see how far she has come and she continues to amaze me. I am now starting to finally relax and I can hardly wait until quail season this year I can honestly say I’m going to have such a great time watching my dog hunt, point and retrieve the game.

Just to let anyone who may be wondering, I wasn’t asked to write this letter. I am writing it because in today’s society everyone has time to complain, but it doesn’t seem that anyone has the time to say thank you and I appreciate what you are doing for me.

In closing if you want to enjoy your dog. Your time in the field, and simply want to experience the true gentleman’s sport of hunting you really need to call or stop by Blankenburg Kennels.