Blankenburg Kennel

Mike training DETestimonial

If there is ever a gentleman that has been blessed with a god given gift for the love of training hunting dogs Gene is truly that individual.  From the moment I heard about him until I actually had the opportunity to meet him I have sincerely been impressed. Gene, deeply cares about the overall health, mental security, confidence, endurance, and his dogs passion for what they enjoy HUNTING. This professional approach and his deep devotion towards perfection is something that each and every one of his dogs definitely demonstrates!     For the past two years I’ve been fortunate to be the proud owner of "De". A fantastic shorthair that Gene trained and "trained is definitely an understatement!"  De, is actually the third shorthair I’ve been fortunate to share my many days of hunting upland game birds and over the years I thought I was fairly knowledgeable working these fantastic dogs.  Well I came to realize what a novice I really was and with Gene's comfortable communicative approach both he and De have taught me a whole new way to enjoy what we love the most.   I highly recommend Gene and his kennels for anyone truly searching for that one great companion, the perfect hunting dog that will always put a smile on any hunters face!         
 Best regards,
 Mike Foley