Blankenburg Kennel

Jim hunting in the mountainsTestimonial

I bought my first shorthair (Dutchess) in 1984. I was fresh out of school loved to hunt quail and wanted the best dog I could get. I went to the field trials in the White Mountains and as luck would have it ended up buying a pup from Johnny Merrell that had a better pedigree than I could hope to find. I made arrangements to have her trained by a well known trainer. After a month of training I went to visit my dog and see how she was doing. To my dismay she looked starved and afraid. I took her home right then figuring I would do what I could for her. Between her great genetics and the high quail population of the 80's and early 90's we had almost 14 years of great times together.
It took me a while to find another dog I thought could come close to Dutchess but eventually I found Bailey. I decided to give a trainer another try and started doing my homework. Gene's name kept coming up as someone I thought I could trust Bailey with so I gave him a call. Gene said just come up and train with him and see what I thought. Right away I felt comfortable with Gene working with my dog and I left her to be trained.
Gene is not like other trainers that don't want you around during the process. Gene wants you up there because your education is as important as the dogs. I found myself going up to train 1 to 2 times a week and was impressed how Gene treats all the dogs as individuals and tailors his style to the dogs needs.
Bailey became a hunting machine and I treasure the time I get to watch her work. I have had several offers to sell her (never) and many invitations to hut on private property because the land owners love watching her.
I can not thank Gene enough for the enjoyment I have received from Bailey or the friendship that has developed between him and me. 
Jim Rufh
ps Gene is working my 2nd dog Ace and the results we are getting are great.