Blankenburg Kennel

Bill Gene Obie chucker championship trophyTestimonial

One morning at work "HEY what's going on here."  "Well I am just feeding my dog.  "Lets see now, she hasn't had food or water since Friday and here it is Monday, plus you are late for work."  "I took care of her this weekend."  "No you didn't, I did."  One more incident of mistreating this dog like this and your gone."!

That’s how I ended up with Ninja, a fine German Shorthair That spoiled me and my family. I had read Field and Stream but didn’t have a clue about Bird dogs. Finally it was that time and over the years I paid attention to shorthairs because of Ninja.  My desire was to find a pup. 

When Jade was 6 months old I joined The Arizona Pointing Dog Club. That months speaker was a dog pro named Gene the owner of Blankenburg Kennel.  What he had to say plus how he presented himself caused me to ask his audience after the meeting.  I took my JADE to Gene and Ute's kennel the next month. Jade is now 8 1/2 years with ribbons and plaques on the wall. She retired from Field Trialing with the culmination of DGSPC's Tournament of Champion trophy in 2006.  I could also tell you about FC BUCK or FC OBIE, plus more then likely champion to be SCORPIO all GSP.  Well!  What do you think? Is this a testimonial, or what?       P.S.  Buck & Jade's only child SOLO is ready for training and he's going to Blankenburg...Bill