Blankenburg Kennel Birddogs

Bird dogs can take the “work” out of hunting. However, if you want to harvest more birds, learn to shoot better!

My roots are in Southwest Ohio where I was raised in farm country. There I developed my appreciation for nature and in turn an enthusiasm for hunting. Moving to Arizona in 1974, I was introduced to hunting Gamble’s Quail. The first time a covey of these birds exploded into flight at my feet, it took my breath away! The opportunity to experience hunting over bird dogs followed soon. What a thrill to see them perform! I was astonished at how much work they took out of hunting wild birds. The more time I spent with hunting dogs the more I was amazed at what they can do. Soon, I got my first German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). Because hunting season was short, for a filler I took my dogs to a Hunt Test. I was hooked! Shortly afterwards we entered a Field Trial. I discovered that I had unusual ability working with bird dogs and soon I began training gun dogs for other people. Training bird dogs has become a passion as well as a profession for me.

Bird Dog Training Team


out walking a dogIt is my daily ambition to ensure that each of the precious, spectacular canines entrusted us, receives the proper care, attention and nurture they need and deserve. Paying attention to detail, to their individuality, there are no shortcuts when assuring the happiness of "my" furry "kids".


Gene working dogsUte and I work hand-in-hand on the best methods for the optimistic outcome for you and your canine companion. Primarily my job consists of the training your bird dog receives while he or she is in our care. I also spend a lot of time helping you to become the handler that you need to be the perfect team.

Working Dogs

Enter ttwo GSP on PointAll of the dogs that we meet are amazing. One of the sayings that I have is if you are not training the dog the dog is training you. All they want is your attention and they will do anything to achieve their goal. All you have to do is see what they do and what they do it to achieve this goal.