Rattlesnake Avoidance


Next date: Sept. 26 2020

The above date depends on weather in this area. Check the website often for updates on new clinics. Please, contact us for an appointment when you see the date you wish to attend, Thank You.

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Our Fee is: $ 100.00 per dog, included is one free recheck to be done within one year.

Rattlesnake Bite

Dog after a snake biteDogs that encounter rattlesnakes for the first time are often bitten. Here in the Southwest rattlesnakes can be out any time of the year. Rattlesnakes have a different behavior, smell, and sound than other snakes your dog will encounter while hunting, hiking, camping, and even in your back yard. Rattlesnake avoidance training is a simple yet effective way of teaching a dog to avoid a dangerous rattlesnake.

During rattlesnake avoidance I train your dog to use its natural senses: sight, sound, and smell, to associate its detection of a rattlesnake with the imminent danger it poses.  

Your dog’s safety is our only concern, and rattlesnake avoidance training will help protect your bird dog, pet and your family.

This program is available now. Your dog is definitely worth it!

The method we use is humane and proven to work in the field and at home. Many trainers offer this service, however, buyer beware! I am in the field 340 days every year and have yet to see a rattlesnake in a cage.