Puppy Training

A puppy retrievingAs a professional, working with young dogs is one of the most exciting aspects of my job. Watching a puppy discover some of the things life has to offer (socialization, birds, gun fire, hunting) is awesome. Good care and nutrition enhances their development and we use top quality food along with supplements. Not only does this foster good bone, tissue and brain growth, it results in fewer trips to the veterinarian. Your puppy, like all bird dogs at our facility, is not just a number on a kennel gate. We treat them as part of our family. There are no limits to how much your puppy can learn in his lifetime, so it is important to start him off properly.

Bird dogs start out as puppies !

Remember puppies do grow up into big dogs. So what you let them get by with today is what they will be when they are big dogs.

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A Britney on pointThis word does not do justice, to what it really means in this context. In the literal term socialization is to participate in social activities. That is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we mean by “socialization”. One of the terms that we use to describe this is, let your imagination run wild. This means anything you can think of that is possibly a situation; your canine will ever see in its lifetime, you should expose your dog to that.

Puppies Need

A red dog retrieving100	100	If you exposure your new pup to every situation possible he/her will have a better idea of what it means when you go to the field, dog park, and any store or other activity you have already exposed them to. In other words the more you can exposure canine to the less he will be afraid of or inhibited by the activities he/her will encounter during the rest of their lives.