Frequently Asked Questions

We would be delighted to answer any and all questions you may have, help in any way we can to get you and the dog off to a good start  We offer a free evaluation of you and your dog to help set you and your dog on the right track. Our individual training is structured for you and your dog.

Which breed is better as a pet and a good family companion?

Any of the bird dog breeds can make wonderful family pets and companions, as well as great hunting buddies.

We are often asked which breed we would recommend?

We have had the amazing experience to work with exquisite bird dogs of various breeds. Therefore we would recommend you choose the breed you like, and then find the dog of that breed that appeals to you. The difference is more in the individual rather than the breed.

Is one breed "calmer" than the other?

Few of these spectacular canines can ever be described as calm, they all are very athletic, have tons of energy, and are very keen. This includes many of the Labrador Retrievers we have had the pleasure to work with.

When would be a good time to visit you at BK Birddogs?

It would be great if you could come out for a visit. As far as when, any day that is good for you. We are here 365 days a year. Gene does do most of his work with the dogs in the morning, so if you can do mornings that would be great. The rest of the day for play time, walks and exercise. But as long as you can give us a day notice, so Gene can schedule time to spend with you.

What programs do you have?

We do not have specific programs. We work with each dog and its owner, carefully considering their needs and ambitions. When a dog comes to us for training Gene bases everything he does with that dog on its individuality.