Training Hunting Dogs

Gene working GSPI have been and always will be an avid bird hunter and as a result bird dogs have become my passion in life. As a practiced trainer, bird hunter and quail guide in Arizona for over 30 years, I believe that as a steward of this sport I am able to ascertain what one may desire in a bird dog. Many of our clients and their dogs are new to the training experience and we are able to lead them correctly from the beginning. However, we see more of what some call “problem” dogs. There is not a bag of tricks that will teach a dog how to become a “bird” dog. As a bird dog trainer you should set your hunting dog up for success. I believe the best way to go about training bird dogs is simple. Doing things correctly, consistently, and repetitively until the dog understands what we want. This is an art more than a science. The results will make your hunt memorable.

Working with You to keep it simple!

Don't complicate dog training, just keep it simple and set your hunting dog up for success.

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Guide Every Dog

Britney on pointFew of these spectacular canines can ever be described as "calm", they all are very athletic, have tons of energy, and are very keen. This includes many of the Labrador Retrievers we have had the pleasure to work with.

Hunting Dogs

Britney on pointAny of the bird dog breeds can make wonderful family pets and companions, as well as great hunting buddies. Actually they all should be family and house pets, something we highly recommend, because they are very social, and make better hunting companions when allowed to share our lives and living spaces.