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Bird Dogs Are Our World

We are an owner operated bird dog training kennel with the key objective to provide a customized, as well as personalized service to accommodate you and your canine companion’s specific needs and ambitions. Enhancing the relationship between human and canine, steering both toward becoming the best they can be, that ultimate team, is our vision.

It Is An Honor ...

The privilege to play a role in the development and lives of these magnificent canines, to earn their respect and affection, to see them evolve, to watch them ultimately mature into spectacular bird dogs and the thrill to witness that “poetry in motion” is an immense honor. It has been, and always will be our greatest passion in life.

An Invitation To You & Your Bird Dog

We would love to meet you and your canine hunting buddy. Come out for a visit, and get a free evaluation of your bird dog. We do not use any one specific method or criteria for any one dog. Canines, just like humans, are very much individuals, each one has unique needs and traits. We pride ourselves in focusing on this.

Bird Dog Trainer

Our location in the heart of Arizona (near Prescott, approx. 85 miles north of Phoenix) at an elevation of around 5000 ft. puts us close to the mountains as well as the desert terrain. This provides us with the ideal climate conducive to training year around.

Gene is very gentle with the dogs, building his relationship with them on trust and mutual respect, while nurturing their natural abilities; guiding them toward realizing their very own inborn talents and finding their purpose in life; helping them develop to their fullest potential. The anticipated result is a confident bird dog, that is able to "think" and accomplished in knowing what to do when.

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He will strongly urge you to be as actively involved in your dog's training as possible. This cannot be overemphasized! Your "training" is as vital, if not more so, than that of your canine companion. The more time you can spend learning and absorbing, observing and understanding, gaining that insight into not only the training aspect but above all into the mind of your bird dog, the better. We will do our best to accommodate your individual circumstances and needs. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned hunter; whether your bird dog's and your favorite pastime is hunting birds, competing in pointing dog field trials, just enjoying each other's company, or all of the above, we can help.

Training Bird Dogs

At Blankenburg Kennel the dogs are, without doubt, our lives. We limit the number of dogs we keep which allows us to maximize the quality and quantity of time spent with each dog. There are no shortcuts ever as to their training and their care. The individuality of each canine student is scrutinized and met with whatever would best suit its needs in order to excel.  We interact with all of our canine guests throughout the day and are available throughout the night. We provide them with a loving and safe, as well as a homey and comfortable environment because we believe wholeheartedly that a content and happy student learns better.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you will enjoy this small tour of our lives; who we are, what we do. Sincerely, Gene and Ute